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Are You A Black and Red or a Red and Black Type of Personality?

Atlanta GA – We all know there are several personality tests out there that you can take to supposedly determine what kind of personality you have; the Myers Briggs being the most popular one as far as I can tell.

Even though I am new to the racing world I believe being a race fan kind of puts you in your own category, a little faster, a little wilder.  Even when deciding which race fan gear you want to wear can say a lot about your personality type.

Here is an example; during the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, my team at Craton Inc came out with two new IMSA shirts for fans at the race and online at  The shirts were designed to please both sides of the brain.

One is an IMSA logo shirt that is split right down the middle and put back together using a red half and then a black half.

The other is an IMSA logo shirt that is split right down the middle and put back together using a black half and a red half.

This new “split” design instantly begged for comparison and counting. Would IMSA race fans like the Red and Black shirt better or would they like the Black and Red shirt more.

We are still debating this in the Craton Inc office here in Atlanta, GA and there is, as of today, still no clear winner.

So, I thought we would take a poll and ask YOU which one you would buy if you could only have one.

I have also looked up the meaning of your choices and what type of personality that makes you, but I do not want to sway the vote so I will hold on to that information until the next update.

Leave a comment as to your vote or if you are at the Sebring Raceway in a few weeks, just come and tell us at the IMSA & Sebring official merchandise tent.

I hope to hear from you here soon or see you at the race. Until then stay safe and warm wherever you are.

Tony B

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